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The Yoga of the 18 Siddhas: An Anthology

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Title:The Yoga of the 18 Siddhas: An Anthology


Author:T.N. Ganapathy

Publisher:Babaj's Kriya Yoga And Publications, Inc.

Publish Year:2003

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:Colour Illustrations, Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.


Size:165 x 240 mm


Price:USD 16.15

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  • The yoga of the Eighteen Siddhas an Anthology should be studied by every serious student of Yoga and Tantra as well as scholars and philosophers. It contains the revolutionary statement of those great men and women who have reached the furthest heights of human potential and who left behind a roadmap for the rest of us. The Eighteen Yoga Siddhas is a tradition referred to in the ancient Tamil language and literature. Its illustrious members traveled all over the world had extremely long lives and performed what most of us would consider being miracles. They did not like to be autobiographical preferring to identify themselves with that deathless jivatma, being consciousness bliss. Consequently thy consciously changed bodies as easily as we change clothes when necessary laughing at the limitations of ordinary humans. They were not only mystics in the truest sense but revolutionaries against human nature and they envisioned and embodied divinity as a result of tremendous efforts of self-mastery and self-surrender to their God Head.

    They left behind their teachings in the form of poems written on palm leaves or edus. These works have been badly neglected by scholars to date because of the difficulty in deciphering them. The Siddhas wrote in what has been referred to as a twilight language to obscure the meaning from all but he most sincere students and prompting the reader to seek the deepest meaning within themselves.

    The Siddhas represent the best of what we can all aspire to become. Their illuminating writings so filled with the light of God realization leave a profound impact on the heart and mind of the reader. They also provide a unique source of understanding of both the means and results of Kundalini Yoga a great esoteric art and science.


    T.N. Ganapathy

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