Indrani: Demon's Daughter, Queen of Gods

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Title:Indrani: Demon's Daughter, Queen of Gods


Author:Madhurika K. Maheshwari

Publisher:IIRNS Publications

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:Colour and B&W Photographs, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.


Size:220 x 280 mm


Price:USD 32.30

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  • Indrani is the consort (wife) of Lord Indra and also the queen of Gods. She was the daughter demon Puloman who killed by Indra. Starting with the history of the worship of matrikas or goddesses in India from the time of ancient Indus Civilization, the book traces the history of Indrani from the Vedic period through the ages of Epics and Puranas, her absorption in the folds of Jainism and Buddhism, her pinnacle with the union of Saptamatrikas book is a landmark publication on the history and iconography of Indrani.


    Madhurika K. Maheshwari

    Madhurika K. Maheshwari, a 1962 Arts Graduate from Calcutta University, specialized in Hindi. She followed up with a Visharada degree in Hindi from Allahabad University. Her command over the language was put to good use when she began to adapt and translate English plays into Hindi-what’s more, these plays were staged successfully all over India. Married to internationally-known numismatist DSr. K.K. Maheshwari, Madhurika continued to nurture her interest in history and even more so, mythology, even as she was occupied as housewife and mother. Whi9le her first publication is centered on the Buddhist Goddess Hariti, she has already begun work on the second: a companion volume on Hariti’s consort Kubereta.

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