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Lemongrass Tea (100 GM)

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Title:Lemongrass Tea (100 GM)

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Category:Tea & Masala

Remarks:Organic Lemongrass Tea with Beautiful Handcrafted Packaging.



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    Nepali Name: लेमनग्रास चिया
    English Name: Lemongrass Tea 
    Scientific Name: Cymbopogon

    1. It reduces anxiety. 2. It lowers cholesterol. 3. It improves dental health and keep the mouth clean. 4. Drinking lemongrass tea prevents a person from sensing pain. 5. Drinking lemongrass tea boosts the formation of red blood cells. 6. It stimulates the kidneys to release more urine than usual and also relieves bloating. 

    Pour water in a pan, when it starts to boil add lemongrass in it. You can also add mint leaves and jaggery or honey for flavour. Lower the flame and let it boil 1-2 minutes. Strain and serve the hot lemongrass tea.



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