Humla: Journey to the Hidden Shangri la (People, Culture, Landscape, Wildlife)

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Title:Humla: Journey to the Hidden Shangri la (People, Culture, Landscape, Wildlife)


Author:Naresh Kusi
Geraldine Werhahn

Publisher:Himalayan Map House

Publish Year:2016

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepal | Coffee Table Books


Remarks:Colour Photographs, Bibliography and Appendix.


Size:288 x 215 mm


Price:USD 20.40

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  • Limi is considered the 'Shangri-La' of Humla, a remote district in the Karnali zone of mid-western development region. The valley is situated between 3700-4100 masl. A thin population of 904 people live in 181 households of Limi (National population census 2011), the culture of which is dictated by a strict monastic system. The arid Transhimalayan high altitude valleys of Limi are inhospitable for humans. These valleys are the grazing grounds of a fascinating assemblage of rare ungulates like wild yak, Tibetan wild ass/kiang, argali, Tibetan gazelle and their predators like snow leopard, Himalayan wolf, brown bear, Tibetan fox and red fox.

    Opened to foreigners only in 2002 by the Government of Nepal, the sacred land of Limi still sees only a few tourists. This settlement is considered very ideal to study the traditional culture of Tibetan Buddhism, where it is preserved better than in other similar Himalayan valleys of Nepal.

    The valley is also known to be important in terms of a unique biodiversity it houses. The pictorial book 'HUMLA: Journey into the Hidden Shangri-La' by wildlife biologists Naresh Kusi and Geraldine Werhahn is a proof to this.


    Naresh Kusi

    Geraldine Werhahn

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