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BOUDHA Restoring the Great Stupa

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Title:BOUDHA Restoring the Great Stupa


Author:Mani Lama
Caroll Dunham
Meryl Dunham
Mimi Church
Steve LeClarq

Publisher:Vajra Publications

Publish Year:2020

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Architecture / Interior / Furniture | Nepal Buddhism


Remarks:Colour Photographs.




Price:USD 55.00

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  • April 25th 2015 - a massive earthquake shook Nepal, bringing with it great loss of life and the devastation of many ancient temples and sacred monuments. Among the latter the Great Stupa of Boudhanath suffered serious and destabilising harm. The renowned Nepalese photographer, Mani Lama, who has lived his entire life in Boudha, was profoundly affected by the damage done to the much loved site and began taking daily photographs of the Stupa as it was being carefully dismantled and rebuilt over the coming year and a half. Inspired by these photographs, a group of Mani’s friends, all of whom have a long association with Boudhanath and the Stupa itself, created this book from them, recording its history, its meaning to Buddhists all over the world and revealing in pictures the skill and reverence with which it was restored once more to its extraordinary architectural perfection.

    Mani Lama

    Caroll Dunham

    Meryl Dunham

    Mimi Church

    Steve LeClarq

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