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The Cult and the Practice of the Bonpo Deity Walchen Gekhod also known as Zhang Zhung Meri

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Title:The Cult and the Practice of the Bonpo Deity Walchen Gekhod also known as Zhang Zhung Meri


Author:John Myrdhin Reynolds

Publisher:Vajra Publications

Publish Year:2020

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back






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  • The Meditation  Deity for the  Zhang-zhung Nyan-gyud, the Tradition of Dzogchen from the  Ancient Kingdom of Zhang-zhung, containing translations of the Sadhana Practice texts for the deity Zhang-zhung Meri from the Me-ri  sGrub-skor, together with the Origin Myth of  Walchen  Gekhod.
    First Preface
    Second Preface

    Part One: The Cult and Practice of Gekhöd Meri

    • Buddhism, Bön, and Shamanism
    • The Cult of the Mountain Gods in Tibet
    • Yungdrung Bon—The Primordial Tradition
    • Zhang-zhung and Mount Kailas
    • Gekhöd and Meri
    • Bönpo Tantras and Lineages for Gekhöd Meri

    Part Two: Sadhana  and Iconography of Zhang-zhung Meri

    • General Introduction to Tantric Sadhana Practice
    • Introduction to the Intermediate Sadhana Text
    • Translation of the Intermediate Sadhana Text for Meri
    • Translation of the Meri Nyingthik Text
    • Mantra Sadhana
    • The Iconography of Meri and His Mandala
    • The Iconography of Gekhöd and His Mandala

    Part Three: Commentaries on the Generation Process for Meri

    • Introduction to the Translations of the Communtaries
    • The Condensed Clear Understanding of the Generation Process for Meri
    • The Clear Understanding of the Generation and Perfection Processes for Meri
    • The Clear Understanding of the Mandala of Meri
    • Topical Outline of the Commentaries

    Part Four: Purification Rites for Gekhod

    • The Origin Myth of Gekhöd
    • Introduction to the Purification Rites associated with Gekhod
    • Purification with the Red Medicinal Waters
    • Purification with the White Medicinal Waters
    • Fumigation Rite for Cleansing of the Pollutions Incured by Gekhöd
    • Part Five: The Guru Sadhana Practice for Gekhöd Meri
    • Introduction to the Translation
    • The Practice of the Inseparability of the Gurus and the Lord Protectors

    Conclusion: Tantra and Dzogchen
    Appendix 1: Classification of the Bönpo Tantras
    Appendix 2: Interlinear Translations with Tibetan Pronunciation
    Glossary of Tibetan and Zhang-zhung Terms


    John Myrdhin Reynolds

    John Myrdhin Reynolds, whose initiated name is Vajranatha, was born in 1942 and is a scholar, linguist, author, translator, mystic and initiated ngagpa of the Nyingma school.
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