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Rhododendron Tea (100 Grams)

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Title:Rhododendron Tea (100 Grams)

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  • Rhododendron Tea 
    Nepali Name: लालिगुरास चिया
    English Name: Rhododendron Tea 
    Scientific Name: Rhododendron ferrugineum 


    • It is used for cold and cough treatment. 
    • It stimulates appetite and digestive heat. 
    • It relieves muscle and joint inflammation. 
    • It treats some skin disorders. 

    Boil rhododendron powder in water. While boiling, a carrier tea such as green tea or mint leaves can be mixed to enhance the taste. After the brew is ready, honey/sugar can be added, along with a hint of tulsi. The mixture can be consumed hot or cold.

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