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The New Village Tourist Destination Of Nepal Nepals Village Tourism

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Title:The New Village Tourist Destination Of Nepal Nepals Village Tourism


Author:Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang


Publisher:Adroit Publishers

Publish Year:2009


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepal Tourism/ Nepal Travel


Remarks:Black &White Photographs.


Size:140 x 220 mm


Price:USD 8.80

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  • The book "Village The New Tourist Destination of Nepal" provides a cash plan and innovative research-based thought for the economic growth of developing countries, like Nepal. This concept of the Nepalese social structure is a novel development model to take Nepal's village to national and international levels, connecting and exploring the digital economy to support the development of the world economy. Beginning with microeconomics and gradually moving on to macroeconomics and global economics, it creates an engine of economic power in terms of domestic and foreign currency earnings.The book tackles with village economic plan, the nation's economic plan and chronic plan management and treatment for the purpose of  peace and progress. 


    Part 1 The Context of Village the New Tourist Destination of Nepal

    1. Tourism in Nepal

    2. Nepal's Village Tourism

    Part 2 Height of Village Tourism

    3. Village Tourism in Global Context

    4. Concept of Village Tourism

    5. Scope of Village Tourism

    6. Relation with Economics, History, Anthropology, Politics, Sociology, Culture and Agriculture

    7. Need of Village Tourism

    8. Supremacy of Village Tourism

    9. Problems and Prospects of Village Tourism

    Part 3 Partnership and Link Development in Village Tourism

    10. Public-Private Partnership in Village Tourism

    11. Village Tourism in Relation to Urban Tourism

    12. Relationship

    Part 4 The Impact of Village Tourism and Regulations

    13. Role of Village Tourism in Village Economy

    14. Village Tourism Marketing

    15. Tourism Model Village

    16. Village Tourism Policy and National Policy

    Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang

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