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A Kingdom under Siege Nepals Maoist Insurgency 1996 to 2004

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Title:A Kingdom under Siege Nepals Maoist Insurgency 1996 to 2004


Author:Bandita Sijapati
Deepak Thapa


Publisher:Zed Books Ltd

Publish Year:2012


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Politics | Nepal History


Remarks:References and Notes.


Size:150 x 230 mm


Price:USD 5.50

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  • A Kingdom Under Siege explains the political and social background to the Maoist insurgency that has embroiled Nepal‘s government, political parties, king, police and army in conflict against highly motivated guerrilla fighters since 13 February 1996. By early 2003, the rebels had come to threaten the central institutions of the Nepali state. The authors describe how a combination of state neglect, political instability and the growth of radical left politics led to a build up of tensions. The insurgency‘s promise of a more just and equitable society gained favour with many of Nepal‘s poor and disadvantaged people. The government‘s failure to tackle the rebellion‘s causes or to engage the Maoists‘ agenda led to thousands of deaths and widespread destruction of infrastructure that peaked in 2001 and 2002. The book concludes that lasting peace depends on building a state that attends equally to of all of Nepal‘s diverse population groups.

    Bandita Sijapati

    Deepak Thapa

    Nepali Writer
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