Marsha Woolf

Marsha Woolf is the founder and director of New World Medical Centre, Wisdoms Way Medical, and Alternative Resources Unlimited, Inc. II, a non-profit organization, which has offices in New York. Initiatives established under the auspices of Alternative Resources are the Tibetan Refugee Health Care Project (TRHCP), Menla Tibetan Medical Institute (MTMI), and Menla Tibetan Medical Research Initiative. She has practiced Natural and Preventative Medicine for 39 years, specializing in Chinese Medicine since 1975, and Tibetan Medicine since 1981, with a focus on treating cancer, the immune system, and neurological disorders. Her interest in all areas of indigenous and alternative healing practices led her to study and practice in Europe, Central and South America, India and the Far East. Dr. Woolf is Clinical Director of an ongoing informal registry of hundreds of cancer patients for the purpose of proving the efficacy of Natural Medicine.

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