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Saubhagya Shah

Saubhagya Shah was Associate Professor of Sociology at Tribhuvan University, where he also established the Conflict, Peace, and Development Studies programme and served as its first Coordinator. He received his MA in Sociology from Tribhuvan University and a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University. In between, he also worked as a reporter for The Rising Nepal. His writings include ‘From Evil State to Civil Society’ (in State of Nepal, edited by Kanak Mani Dixit and Shastri Ramachandaran, 2002); ‘A Himalayan Red Herring? Maoist Revolution in the Shadow of the Legacy Raj’ (in Himalayan ‘People’s War’: Nepal’s Maoist Rebellion, edited by Michael Hutt, 2004), ‘Paradise Regained and Lost? April’s Sizzle and February’s Chill’ (in The Inclusive State: Reflections on Reinventing Nepal, edited by Anand Aditya, 2007), Civil Society in Uncivil Places: Soft State and Regime Change in Nepal (2008), ‘Revolution and reaction in the Himalayas: Cultural Resistance and the Maoist “new regime” in Western Nepal’ (American Ethnologist, 2008), ‘The Nepali Post-Conflict: Prospects for Conflict Transformation and Democratic Consolidation’ (Journal of International Affairs, 2009), and ‘Sovereign Deficit: Fragmented Polity, Defense Dilemma and the Battle for Civilian Supremacy in Nepal’ (Contributions to Nepalese Studies, 2009). He passed away in December 2009.

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