Shanti Gowans

Shanti Gowans, the CEO of Health Institute Australia and the founder of The Shanti YogaTM system, is one of the most celebrated amongst the new generation of great, yoga meditation masters of our time. She is deeply versed in the practical and philosophical disciplines of the ancient traditions of Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda and Theravada which are conducted at Nirvana Wellness Retreat in Beechmont, S.E. Queensland. Shanti Gowans, came to Australia from India in 1972, at the height of political turmoil and spiritual longing in Australia. She soon attracted a following which included many of the prominent artists, poets, spiritual teachers and intellectual thinkers of the time. She has taught throughout the world and is known for her ability to convey the teachings of yoga in a fresh, profound and straightforward style. She believes in the power of yoga as a catalyst for social change and is the author of the several acclaimed books and programs on yoga, ayurveda and meditation. Her teachings spread beyond the stereotypical, into influences such as parenting, relationships, the visual arts, physical and mental health care, business management and hospice work. Her understanding of life has been gained over many decades from a deep, meditative insight into the processes of life, the experiences of her students and her extensive work as a counsellor to people in need. In Shanti Yoga, Shantiji has created a powerful, experiential process for lifelong learning. Shanti Yoga is dedicated to fostering an enlightened society through sustaining and promoting cultural traditions and providing the opportunities for an exchange of ideas and experiences between the keepers of these traditions, contemporary artists and the public. You are invited to

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